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Nutrition Neuroscience & Flavor Perception


Our next public lecture is coming up fast! To get ready for How We Taste, read up on how Dr. Dana Small is helping us scientifically understand our relationship with food.

Why We Can’t Stop Eating Frosting From the Can – Popular Science

How Does the Way Food Look or Its Smell Influence Taste? – Scientific American


2 thoughts on “Nutrition Neuroscience & Flavor Perception

  1. Please schedule a viewing of “Fed Up’ and or ‘Chef’

    @ Royce Hall or Tamkiin Auditorium at RRUCLA

    Patty Beckwith MPH, RD, CDE Outpatient Pediatric Senior Dietitian pbeckwith@mednet.ucla.edu pager 90071 310-267-9245 ________________________________

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