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BBQ Physics & Meat Flavors


Ever put a slab of pork shoulder or beef brisket on the smoker for a BBQ, only to eventually hit “The Plateau”? Physicist Dr. Greg Blonder has the explanation for why the temperature of these meats will rise steadily for a few hours before it inexplicably stops and stalls at several degrees lower than the ideal 190°F. Fortunately, his explanation also comes with a solution. Once that dilemma is solved, check out the science that makes meat so delicious.

Physicist Cracks BBQ Mystery – Huffington Post

Science of Meat: What Gives Meat Its Flavor? – Exploratorium

One thought on “BBQ Physics & Meat Flavors

  1. I love these kind of articles. As a former meat cutter for 25+ years ( it was all custom cut with/SuperValu stores) and a science nut, it’s just interesting. I still like to cook all kind’s of thing’s. I have turned down my red meat eating though. Guess I’m having sympathy for the animals we eat.

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