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Daily Tea & 2016 Superfoods


A cup of tea a day keeps cardiovascular disease away–or rather, lowers your risk for it, according to a recent study by medical doctors in China. If tea isn’t your thing, dietitian Ellie Krieger suggests five foods for a healthier diet, one of which is matcha, a type of Japanese green tea, by the way.

Regular Tea Consumption Loosens Arteries to Lower Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease – ScienceAlert

Got Matcha? Five Healthy Foods That Will Make Their Mark in 2016. – The Washington Post

2 thoughts on “Daily Tea & 2016 Superfoods

  1. I agree with this, tea is a kind of therapeutic drink. You can choose which tea you like depending on your mood.

  2. This one sounds authentic. I always opt for an organic tea, because I still don’t trust those bag of tea name under know brands.

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