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The 6,000 Calorie Diet & Expensive Taste


Indulgence is something we all like to have a little of in our diet, but eating 6,000 calories daily? That’s exactly what six healthy, middle-aged men consumed in a research study conducted at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. Researchers sought to model how overeating leads to insulin resistance, and through what mechanism this occurs. Speaking of indulgence, why does our brain perceive foods as tasting better if we think they are expensive? Scientists proved that people will consistently rate a wine as tasting better if they are told it carries a hefty price tag. Dan Pashman explains how your brain tricks you into thinking expensive food tastes better than cheaper food.

The 6,000 Calorie Diet – The Scientist

Does Your Brain Trick You Into Thinking Expensive Food Tastes Better Than Cheaper Food? – AudioBurst

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