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Perfect Manhattans & Mysterious Fungi

Dave Arnold set up his own experiments to mix the perfect Manhattan, explaining, “A dose of science will do you good. Think like a scientist and you will make better drinks.” In his first experiment, he used different sized ice to make his drinks. His conclusion: different ice, different stir, same Manhattan. James Scott, a mycologist who runs the business Sporometrics, was called upon by the Hiram Walker Distillery to investigate a mysterious black fungus plaguing the warehouses and the surrounding neighborhood. Also using the scientific method, Scott discovered a new fungal species which grows preferably on the angel’s share of whiskey. An identical fungal growth is also found outside the Rémy Martin distillery in Cognac, France.

The Science of Making a Manhattan: Experiment 1 – Lucky Peach

Unraveling the Mystery of the Canadian Whiskey Fungus – Wired


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