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Science & Food 2017 Undergraduate Course


Spring has sprung! Which means we have another stellar lineup of speakers slated for our third annual offering of Science & Food: The Physical and Molecular Origins of What We Eat. Although the course is only open to current UCLA students, we will be posting highlights from the course right here on the blog.

And don’t forget: the Science & Food 2017 Public Lecture Series is fast approaching, so be sure to get your tickets before they sell out. Hope to see you all there!


2017 Science & Food Course Lecturers



Week 1- April 6

Nutrition and the Macromolecules of Food

Dolores Hernandez, UCLA Housing


Week 2- April 13

Phase Transitions in Food

Tony Ferrari, Hillside Supper Club and Provender Coffee


Week 5- May 4

The Science of Making a Pie

Nicole Rucker, Cofax/The Golden State


Week 6- May 11

Vegetable Pressure and Textures and How They Change During Cooking

Nick Erven, Erven


Week 7- May 18

The Elasticity of Meat

Ari Rosenson, Cut


Week 8- May 25

The Viscosity of Sauces

Shawn Pham, Simbal


Week 9- June 1

Fermentation in Yogurt

Homa Dashtaki, The White Mustache


Week 10- June 8

Vinegar: How Different Methods of Production Affect Taste

Alex Brown, Gourmet Imports



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