Evan Funke

Evan Funke, former chef/owner of Bucato, recently embarked upon his next adventure as chef at Venice Beach’s new hit restaurant, Felix. Known as a master of handmade pasta, Funke draws inspiration from his trips to Italy as well as California produce.


What hooked you on cooking?

            What most caught my attention was the physical and creative outlet of                        cooking.

The coolest example of science in your food?

            Fermentation in the bread making process. 

The food you find most fascinating?

            The food with the least amount of ingredients. 

What scientific conceptfood related or otherwisedo you find most fascinating?

          Terroir and micro-climates and the direct reflection in the fruits and           vegetables grown in California.

Your best example of a food that is better because of science?

           Grafting and hybridization of stone fruit.

How do you think science will impact your world of food in the next 5 years?

            The continuous evolution of sustainable practices, water conservation,                         hydroponics and animal husbandry will impact the food world in the next                   five years

One kitchen tool you could not live without?

            Common Sense

Five things most likely to be found in your fridge?

            Parmigiano reggiano, anchovies, kimchi, apples, and water.

Your all-time favorite ingredient? Favorite cookbook?

            Fennel; The Concise Gastronomy of Italy – by Anna Del Conte

Your standard breakfast?

            Toast and Coffee


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