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Ice Cream Science & Creamy Vegan Treats

Dana Cree, pastry chef at Chicago’s Blackbird and avec, released her cookbook this spring, “Hello, My Name is Ice Cream: The Art and Science of the Scoop”. Want to recreate some of her ice cream flavors yourself from this cookbook? First, check out what she has to say about the science and art that goes into making a delicious batch of ice cream. Dietary restrictions preventing you from enjoying an icy, creamy treat this summer? Kirsten Schimoler, food scientist at Ben & Jerry’s, has been working on creating a vegan equivalent of ice cream that has that creamy mouthfeel missing in many ice creams made with a vegan milk base. 

Geek out on the Science and Art of Ice Cream with Dana Cree – Chicago Tribune

How to Give Vegan ‘Ice Cream’ That Creamy Taste, Minus the Milk – NPR: The Salt


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