Brian Bornemann

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Brian was Executive Sous Chef at The Tasting Kitchen, an ingredient-driven restaurant on Abbott Kinney in Venice that has received much acclaim. He is now moving on to open a new project in Los Angeles. Brian is a UCLA alumnus who majored in European Studies and minored in Italian. He was inspired to become a chef after many trips to Italy.

1. What hooked you on cooking?

I started cooking at home at a young age but my interest in professional cooking was heavily influenced by my experiences in Italy.  I took a trip to Italy during high school. This inspired me to live in Tuscany for a year as an undergraduate, where I took my first job in a kitchen and have been working as a chef ever since. Later, I  moved back to Milan after college where I taught English in the morning to be able to cook at night.

2. The coolest example of science in your food?

I don’t have a specific example. Cooking is ultimately a craft. In part, it is science as well since you continually experiment with new techniques and ingredients, and refine all of your attempts until you get what you want.  

3. The food you find most fascinating?


4. How do you think science will impact your world of food in the next 5 years?

We will continue to complete experiments in cooking as we have for centuries, but in our era, the transmission of these findings will be much faster due to technology, and this diffusion of knowledge will accelerate each individual’s learning.

5. One kitchen tool you could not live without?

Mortar and pestle.

6. Five things most likely to be found in your fridge?

Kimchi, rosé, eggs, bacon, preserved lemon.

7. Your all-time favorite ingredient? Favorite cookbook?

Ingredient: Time, it is the way we use time that turns a raw ingredient into a perfect plate.

Cookbook: Cucina Toscana: Ricette di casa mia


8. Your standard breakfast?

Black coffee.



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