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Restaurant Tech & Therapy

The increase in the usage of foodservice technology connected to the Internet, such as delivery apps, reservation services, POS systems, and time clocks, means more data relevant to the food service industry is collected. This technology tracks information such as what repeat customers order and how employees spend their time. However, it’s unclear who can access that data, who owns that data, and what that data can be used for. On the human side of the food service industry, staff of the three-Michelin-star restaurant El Cellar de Can Roca experiences high tension in running a high-quality establishment, maintaining its Michelin stars, and serving customers who wait on an 11-month waiting list. In response, the restaurant has hired its own psychologist for the mental health of its staff. 

The Risks of Restaurant Tech – Eater

Stressed by Success, a Top Restaurant Turns to Therapy – New York Times

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