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The Great Salmon Escape & Extinction Threats

In northwestern Washington State in late August, the pen of an enormous salmon farm off Cypress Island collapsed. Over three hundred thousand Atlantic salmon, non-native to the northwestern Pacific coast, were at risk of escaping, and tens of thousands of the fish had already ended up into Puget Sound. Such in-ocean fish farms pose risks to the native wildlife, even more so when the farm-raised fish escape from the farms. In California, biologists and conservationists at UC Davis and the California Trout conservation program released a report which concluded that 23 species and subspecies of California salmon and trout are at risk to go extinct within a hundred years. There are 31 genetically distinct salmon and trout found along the California coast, and climate change, dams, and agriculture are listed as the major threats to their existence. 

Washington State’s Great Salmon Spill and the Environmental Perils of Fish Farming – The New Yorker

Put Your Sushi Under an MRI Scanner to Determine its Greatness – Eater IDK

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