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Eating Moldy Bread & Building Better Bread

When one slice of a loaf of bread begins to grow fuzzy, green mold, do you throw out the whole thing or get rid of the affected parts and save the rest? Food safety experts weigh in on how to handle certain fungi found in your kitchen. In another bread scenario, when handed a whole-wheat croissant, what would you think? Stephen Jones of Washington State University’s Bread Lab envisions a strain of wheat with improved texture and flavor so that something like whole-wheat croissants would taste as good as top Parisian croissants.

Is It Safe to Eat Moldy Bread? – NPR: The Salt

Wheat Nerds and Scientists Join Forces to Build a Better Bread – Wired


6 thoughts on “Eating Moldy Bread & Building Better Bread

  1. 30-odd years ago an American friend was visiting me in New Zealand. She was thrilled to see my Vogel bread going mouldy. “Don’t throw it out! It’s real bread! Ours is so full of chemicals it never goes mouldy!”

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