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Cranberries are harvested in late autumn, just in time to celebrate the holidays. Whether you prefer to enjoy cranberries in a jam, as a sauce from the can, juiced, dried, or fresh, there’s no denying that cranberries are festive. They’re tart, dark red, and pair really well with a turkey dinner (according to science).

Fotm, cranberry slide 1

Fotm, cranberry slide 2

Fotm, cranberry slide 3

Fotm, cranberry slide 4

Fotm, cranberry slide 5

Fotm, cranberry slide 6

Fotm, cranberry slide 7

Learn more:

  1. Roth-Johnson, Liz. The Flavor Network. Science and Food.
  2. Phung, Alice. Food, Wine, and BiochemistryScience and Food.

Alice PhungAbout the author: Alice Phung once had her sights set on an English degree, but eventually switched over to chemistry and hasn’t looked back since.

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One thought on “Cranberry

  1. I love this stuff. Science really is the base with food – wish I was a little further along myself on this – thank you for the enlightenment!!!

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