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Smart Milk & Cockroach Milk


Engineers are working to create a “smart cap” made of 3-D-printed electrical and wireless materials that will be able to detect levels of bacteria in milk. These caps will be able to sense changes in bacterial levels via electrical signals, helping to determine whether or not milk has gone bad. What else may be involved in the future of milk? Cockroaches. A specific cockroach, Diploptera punctate, is the only species of cockroach known to give birth to live young and produce a type of “milk” containing protein crystals. This “milk” is a highly nutrient dense substance containing a time release protein. Researchers have sequenced the specific gene in hopes of replicating the crystal utilizing yeast, for use in protein supplements for those who struggle to get adequate nutrition.

New Milk Technology Tells You When to Throw Out Your Milk – Food Republic

Scientists Think Cockroach Milk Could be the Superfood of the Future – Science Alert


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